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"I bought my robe from you at the NEC Show in October. Within a couple of weeks of trying it my husband decided he wanted one, I couldn't stop him using mine.  We are very happy with the performance and can't wait to try them out in our Motorhome during the summer.  See you at the NEC in February".

Mrs AC.  Coleshill Birmingham.

"Myself and my husband visited your stand at the Exeter Christmas Fair in November and spoke to you about your drying robes, the gentleman that served us was very helpful when I explained that my husband now has quite reduced mobility in his shoulders. He said that the robe may be useful for him as it doesn't need any effort to dry yourself, well he was right.  This has made his bath routine much better for him, it's also great for us both after using the hot tub, dries us so quickly and stops the chill, thank you again".

Mrs T. Clyst St Mary, Devon.

"You asked us to let you know how we got on using your towels when we bought them from you at the Warners Stafford Showground Show in June, well they are just as you said, they dry quickly, they are very absorbent and I really can't find anything wrong with them. We've stopped using cotton ones in the van now".

Miss TG.  Shrewsbury.

Message via email: Just to let you know how satisfied I am with my teatowels and new bath towels. I bought 2 teatowels and 2 flannels from Lincoln show and when we came to the NEC I bought 4 more teatowels and 2 bath towels. have had other microfibre cloths and cannot stand the feel on my hands; Giso are much softer.

Thank you-

great for cleaning spectacles too!!

Lesley White

Crick Boat show was brilliant this year and it was lovely to meet you and buy some of your brilliant towels.  See you next year.

Ms Bates.  Rugby

Met a lovely lady tonight to buy a chicken coop, ending up not only buying the coop but also a dressing gown, got home put it on and wow, feels lovely, cosy yet cool and beautiful bright red.  Thank you for my lovely dressing gown, I will be in touch for more products.

Sara S.

Wimborne, Dorset.

Jackie Lambert reviewed GISO Microfibre – 5 star

55 mins ·

I have just bought even more GISO Microfibre bath and hand towels. We are delighted with them and now, would never use anything else.

What I like is that the GISO cotton/microfibre mix towels look and feel like real towels, not those ecloth type camping towels, on which I am less than keen! The GISO towels are lighter and perform so much better than a traditional cotton towel.

The towels are excellent at drying you - as well as drying themselves! They wash - and wash and wash and will go in the dryer, although they dry quickly on the line AND STAY SOFT. If you are fed up of hard or soggy cotton towels hanging around for days, these are for you!

As someone who tours almost full time in a caravan doing watersports with the company of four mud and water-loving hounds, they are a godsend. And that is why I have bought more - lucky dogs!

It is also worth mentioning that GISO is a very friendly company. Their Customer Service is second to none and I have found them an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Terry Horne reviewed GISO Microfibre – 5 star

15 April ·

The wife and I have a robe each which we use in our Motorhome. Absolutely great! Simply slip it on after a shower, walk back to the Motorhome and you are dry!

Stella Woodall  recommends GISO Microfibre.

1 September •

I had the bath robe with me at Pony Club Camp this week ..it was Amazing .Drying time was very very quick . Packing small to save space . And then hung up and dry in minutes . I highly recommend this product for both holidaying and in you home !!!quick quick quick ultra drying experience!!!!

"Having bought 5 of your drying robes at the NEC Show for Christmas presents for my family, I didn't actually buy one for myself, I think it completely slipped my mind while I was deciding what colours to buy for my daughters.  I have now bought one online and would like to thank you for your very swift service and kind attention.  I recommend you to all my friends.  My daughters are delighted with them by the way, what a great gift idea they were". 

Ms SH. Gwynedd" 

"We bought two of your brown towels at Peterborough last month, the microfibre and cotton ones, they are brilliant, they dry so quickly and are much lighter than cotton towels.  I wasn't sure when you said how good they were but I am so glad we bought them.  I left my email address with you and can't wait for the red and blue ones to come in, please let me know".

Mr TB. Permanent Motorhomer.

We have seen you at several shows throughout the summer and listened to your very informative information about your products, took us a while to actually buy something but now we have when we saw you at Romsey and we are delighted with our drying gowns.  We are really looking forward to taking them to Spain with us in a few weeks, we usually spend the winter there, so they will be really handy.  We have tried them out and can see that they will suit us just fine.  Thank you so much for being so friendly to us each time we have seen you both, it was a pleasure to purchase something from you.   Have a good winter, we will be thinking of you each time we use the gowns.

Mr & Mrs D.  Bath

We met you at Manchester on Saturday of the Motorhome Show, you kindly explained your microfibre to us and although we didn't buy from you at the time, we made our decision at home and ordered online.  I Can't tell you how good your cotton mix towels are, they feel very like cotton towels but they are so light and easy to use, you will see from our recent order that we have now replaced all of our towels at home as well as using them in our motorhome.  You can expect more orders from family members in the future!

The Dibben Family


Daisy Atkin reviewed GISO Microfibre – 5 star

20 June ·

I LOVE my microfibre robe, I cannot believe how useful it's been, everywhere from the beach, poolside, even getting ready for a night out after a bath. When backpacking it was PERFECT for using the hostel showers, way better than tying a skimpy towel round you and hoping. Super light, super quick drying, really nicely made. The hood is perfect size, soft and comfy and just the best thing ever.

You don't realise you need one till you get one and then you just want to live in it.

Kevin D via email - January 2018

Well having had the original micro towels for some years and really pleased with them (no damp towels in the morning) I have to say I was somewhat skeptical of that occurring with the new ones. "O ye of little faith" I just could not believe it how so much like a real towel and like the originals not damp in the morning. If you need any recommendations I have no hesitate in saying they are outstanding and worth every penny.

July 2018

California Camping Video - Scotland part 3 - You Tube  12m20secs in to video

A fantastic review of our microfibre towels from California Camping during their tour of Scotland in a motorhome.


Louise Edwards‎ to GISO Microfibre

I bought a Giso microfibre dressing gown with the hood two years ago, specifically to use it at my local swimming pool. I have found it perfect for this purpose; it is lightweight, washes well and dries very quickly. After I've had my swim and a shower, I just put it on and it dries me without me having to put much effort into it. It also provides me with good body coverage, which I have found important since my local swimming pool changing rooms became unisex. I often get compliments on my dressing gown and asked where I bought it.

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