Our Microfibre Facts

Why is our Microfibre so good?

All of our Microfibre is very soft, super absorbent and hard wearing. 

The water absorbency is achieved by capillary action which makes it very quick to dry you, it will also dry itself very quickly making your life a lot easier whether you are travelling, camping or simply using it in the home.

Microfibre has static charged fibres which makes dusting using one of our cloths a breeze, it picks up all the dust with ease.

Use these cloths to clean windows, glass, tiles, shower screens, in fact practically any surface with just clean water, buff with a clean dry cloth to get a streak free shine everytime. 

Environmentally friendly too, you just use water.

Our fluffy towel range has been designed for those people who still like the feel of 'a proper towel', this towel is very soft, absorbs 4 times more water than a terry cotton towel and still dries very quickly, less than half the time of a cotton towel.

Our Microfibre products are particularly useful for virtually anything from lightweight travel/camping/sports towels and robes, hot tubs, gym, surfing, swimming, beach use (sand doesn't stick to it) and use in the home.


Washing is easy, just a 30 degree machine wash, it can be tumble dried using a warm setting.

All of our fabric has been tested by washing over 500 times, it will still be as good then as the day you bought it.



Liquid fabric softener and drying sheets will significantly damage the fibres in Microfibre.

Microfibre is designed to be very water absorbent, fabric softener coats the fibres and completely

stops this, you will be left with a towel/cloth which is useless and not able to do it's job.

If you accidentally wash your Microfibre using fabric softener, you can try giving it a hot wash or soak it in white vinegar, this may help.

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